Terms & Conditions / Refund Policy

All services are pre-paid. Credits purchased as a part of a package and not used within the year purchased, expire at the end of the year, unless the plan explicitly provides for roll-over of credits. Individual anytime, non-monthly plan credits purchased through your account expire after 12 months from the date of purchase, at which point such credits shall expire automatically, unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase. Credits are purchased on a first-bought, first-to-expire basis. You may request a full refund of any unused credits within one (1) business day of purchase.

No other refunds will be given for any reason. Any unused value shall be forfeited upon expiration. All prices, per minute rates, and billing increments are subject to change with 30 days notice issued by email due to fluctuations in market conditions.

Package Discount Refunds:
When purchasing bulk credits, you understand you are making this purchase to secure a wholesale or discounted rate. For this reason no refund will be issued beyond one (1) day of the day of purchase of your unused credits.

Account Activation Refunds:
No Refunds will be issued on account activations. You understand when activating your account you have purchased a user name and password and access to a fully operating account. The services have been rendered in full the moment you received your log in information whether you choose to use your account or not.

Charge Back Policy:
After a purchase of credits you have one (1) day to request a refund of any used credits. After the one (1) day period, you waive all rights for a refund of any type, for any reason. Any charge backs will be disputed and your account will be locked until the issue is resolved. iRB LLC also reserves the right to take legal action to obtain any lost funds due to charge back fraud.

Responsible Usage:
As a member you agree by our terms and conditions / refund policy. You also agree to use our service responsibly. Our service will not be used to promote porn, gambling and any other thing that is deemed as harrassment or immoral