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Voicemail Drops Are The Only Safe And Effective Way To Reach VoIP Businesses and Mobile Subscribers. Plus, with the BizRep Software you can directly target those businesses online that have Bad Google Reviews!

The biggest challenge with selling Reputation Marketing is first finding those businesses in the industry you want that have terrible reviews! Those are the businesses were you don’t have to sell them on the "concept" of reviews. They already have BAD ONES! They already know that people are reading awful things about them online everyday! What if you could directly target those people AND automatically leave a voicemail on their phones? Well....YOU CAN NOW!

This system lets you target those perfect prospects by leaving a direct voicemail from you without ever ringing their phone! The system works with all Mobile and, HERE IS THE GREAT NEWS.....all VoIP PHONES!!!! This means that now, you can even target business owners directly! Many businesses have VoIP systems for their business phone solution. In fact, many have it and don't even know it. The reality is that many phone carriers that also provide internet services package their business packages together using VoIP in place of old school landlines!

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